Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yucatan Real Estate listing in Chuburna Mexico

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Check this place out.. This has to be one of the most amazing beachfront villa's in Chuburna, Yucatan for its price range. Large filtered pool, outside deck (back and front beach side). Outside grill, AC's in every room. 3 bedroom 3 bath (can easily be extended)...

RIGHT ON THE BEACH ... 10 minutes away from Progreso (great dining on the beach).. Also 25 minutes away from Merida, where you can find anything from cenote's to beautiful American style shopping malls and stores.

The owners recently started to offer owner financing!!! so now you could have this amazing place for $200,000 + owner financing ... check out Yucatan Dream Properties the main website where it's listed, its on the front page (the featured listings) .. TONS of additional pictures and information there.

For all you folks in cold areas of the United States.. or especially Canada, check out the current weather here:


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some information about the state YUCATAN

Yucatán is home inside a impressive array of cultural as well as medieval treasures. It’s safe to state that more and more travellers visit the state for its Maya ruins, that will be as charming as they are numerous and varied. Many likewise come here in order to get some bargain beachfront Yucatan Real Estate. Locations like Chichen Itza and Uxmal are must sees for their soaring temples and spectacular scope, although smaller ruins have an familiarity plus artistry that emphasize to you, these are not just stone monuments: People really were living here.

Yucatan’s modern culture is both equally rich, starting with Merida, the state’s radiant colonial capital, at which you can as conveniently enjoy a 400-year old church as wander a gleaming new mall, or go shopping for handmade hammocks a short distance coming from a terrific modern art gallery. Beyond Merida tend to be smaller villages just like Valladolid and Izamal, last but not least remote local communities, wherein Yucatec Maya, certainly not spanish, happens to be the most common tongue, and pre Latino beliefs and traditions live on.

 This particular state likewise holds magnificent all-natural riches, starting from world class bird watching (consisting of the world’s largest settlement of American flamingos) to geologic sites like cenote's and a great network of caverns and beneath the ground streams. But you may be surprised how frequently society and nature go hand in hand, as on a trip of cenotes using colonial era light rails once utilized to get the very important henequen harvest, or even flamingo observing in swamplands used by Maya sodium producers a one thousand years ago. In summary, the state of Yucatán is the sort of location you can spend several weeks, and still have plenty left over for the next travel...

If your interested in living here, instead of just visting, check out Yucatan Dream Properties for the best deals in town!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to buy real estate in Mexico

- Make an offer
This is usually done in the form of an “Offer to Purchase Agreement” or a “Promissory Agreement” , your real estate attorney or the realtor you’re
working with will prepare one.

- Set aside 10% as earnest money in “escrow”
Once your offer is accepted in writing, you’ll need to put a certain amount (usually 10%) of the purchase price aside as earnest money (depósitos
condicionales) in “escrow” with a third party..

- Wait while the notary (and your title insurer if you have hired one) investigates the title, gets an appraisal, and puts the closing papers in

order You need to have a “Purchase Sales Agreement” (Contrato de Compraventa) drawn up at this point. Normally you’d have your attorney do this. But if you are working with a real estate agent, then his office may be able to take care of this for you. It should be in English for you and in Spanish for the Mexican authorities. Whatever you do, don’t let a seller’s attorney draw this up. You want to be absolutely sure your interests are not compromised.

- Close on the property
Once you have assurances from your attorney, notary, that the property’s title is good, and the “Purchase Sales Agreement” (Contrato de Compraventa)
is ready for you to sign, you’ll meet with the notary, the seller, and your attorney or broker for the closing. You get the deed (escritura), and you either bring a check for the remainder of the payment or have the funds transferred into the escrow account and have whoever is acting as escrow agent release them once you have the deed in hand.


- The notario registers your ownership
Though you’ll have a copy of all the paperwork associated with the property, the transaction isn’t really complete until the notary registers your

deed with the land registry office.
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